KCR Show Playlist - Mainly Scottish

Mainly Scottish - Haud er gaun !
with John Seivwright
Show Playlist - Fri 23rd Aug - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

TimeTrackArtist Album
6:00 pmStart Up 2014 V01KCR0:31KCR Insert
6:01 pmFestival Of KeithThe Foundry Bar Band2:17Keith Music Festival 2005
6:26 pmNorthern Meeting Piping 2019Advert DonC0:59KCR Advert
6:27 pmKCR Coffee Morning July 2019Advert KM0:43KCR Advert
6:56 pmAlzheimers Memory Walk Sept 2019Community Announcement Michael0:32KCR Community
6:57 pmLogan's Fund Fun Day Aug 2019Community Announcement Alan0:44KCR Community
7:24 pmDon Chisholm Rock Away {201905}Trail DonC0:59KCR Trail
7:25 pmThe Mike Ogg Show {201908}Trail MikeO0:44KCR Trail
7:49 pmFour Days Of Faith On KCR Aug 2018Trail David Sim0:50KCR Trail
7:50 pmBanffshire HeraldSponsor0:06KCR Sponsor

NB:- Only digital tracks played from the KCR Music Library are shown here - not CDs etc. played.