The Musical Box - Unsigned, Unknown, or Just Deserving Airplay!

Last show (Playlist)-Tue 29th Dec-9:00 pm-11:00 pm

There is so much talent out there that escapes the Big Bad Wolf - aka the Music Industry.

The Musical Box is about giving airplay to people who have composed and recorded music, sometimes at home, that is often at least as good as that released by the Record Companies.

The Show has a promise - that if anyone local takes the trouble to compose and record music, then we will play it at least once and give you, The Listeners, the chance to say whether or not you liked it.....

          .....if you do like it, we'll play it again, and ask the artist for more of their material....
          .....if you don't like it, at least they've had the chance of airplay.... (this doesn't happen often !)

KCR is about the Community and we'll play your music. You can email MP3s to

We also pick up many tracks from unsigned and unknown artists from around the world from various sources, along with some music from artists who may have been around for a while and may be well known, but who just don't get played on todays Playlist-orientated radio stations.

Presenter:-      Eddie Stuart