Rock Away - The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music

Next show-Sun 28th Feb-9:00 pm-11:00 pm
Last show-Sun 21st Feb-9:00 pm-11:00 pm

I still play the "Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music", but now with more rock classics in each show.
That means youíll hear blues, soul, gospel, country & folk, but not all of them in every show. Rock Away will still include the best of the new material, as and when itís available.
Each week Iíll include a featured album, or possibly a theme from time to time. Previous themes have included Blue Monday, Easter, road songs, Guy Fawkes, etc. The featured album could be brand new or a classic from the last six decades or so.
Occasionally I may play a pop song that strikes me as worth including on the show, but the emphasis is always going to be on rock. That said, it wonít all be maximum volume all the time! There are a lot of good soft rock songs out there & Iíll still include some acoustic tracks.
Your suggestions will always be considered. Send them to with the subject line "Don Chisholm" or "Rock Away". Successful suggestions will be played as soon as is practical.

Presenter:-      Don Chisholm