Programmes for :-                

12:00 amNight Time to Breakfast Time
10:00 amThe Voice Of ReasonDouglas Coutts
11:00 amEilidh
11:30 amThe Mike Ogg Show
1:00 pmRock AwayDon ChisholmThe Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music
3:00 pmThe KCR Jukebox
6:00 pmHousewives & HeroesCharlie Mearns
7:00 pmRevving UpMrs Paula BakerParish Assistant at Elgin High linked with Birnie & Pluscarden
7:45 pmCommunity CornerNorma GrayKeith Horticultural Society Summer Show 2018
8:00 pmThe Corrie QuineIona Duncan
9:00 pmThe SoundaboutElliot Stradling
10:00 pmMusic With MeaningDavid SimContemporary Christian Music and Testimony
11:00 pmNight Time to Breakfast Time